New York, NY, July 26, 2023 – At a time when democracy is in peril worldwide, Israel’s leaders and citizens can be proud their tiny state in the Middle East is showing once again the vibrancy of its political system. But while Israel has time and time again offered a global model in navigating fiery politics in a civilized way, the potential for chaos looms. Israeli leaders can and should step in to prevent any possibility of weakening the State of Israel.

We urge Israel’s leaders to take whatever measures necessary to preserve the social fabric of the Israeli society, prevent political turmoil from eclipsing Israel’s international diplomatic gains – including last week’s landmark Joint Address to U.S. Congress by President of Israel – and to reassure the new Arab allies of the Jewish state that they have a strong and united ally in Israel.

We value Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s contributions to Israel’s security and prosperity through his military service and political career. This is the time for him to show once again that he is listening to all Israelis, to strive to keep Israel united, and to meet the expectations of Israel’s friends and allies.

The debate over judicial reform, the dynamics of the vote in Israeli parliament, and the politics of rage surrounding it must not let Israelis take their eyes off a bitter reality: Iranian hornet’s nest of nineteen terror groups surround Israel, waiting to strike, and betting on eroding Israel’s internal defenses. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Forging a broader compromise, as suggested by President Biden, a “lifelong friend of Israel,’ is possible and can go a long way in addressing the concerns of all Israeli citizens, as well as reassuring those inside and outside of Israel who stand for and support a strong, democratic, and united Jewish State. 

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