New York, NY, July 18, 2023 – “The American Jewish Congress welcomes the invitation extended by President Biden to Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit the United States. For President Biden to do so personally, over a long and warm telephone conversation with the Israeli premier, shows grace, sagacity, and political foresight informed by decades of President Biden’s leadership in America and the world.

The timing could not be more opportune: at the outset of Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the United States, and his Joint Address to Congress. 
The two leaders – Biden and Netanyahu – go back a long way. They have worked together over the years to safeguard the interests of the American and Israeli peoples. Both served their nations with distinction, and both have a special bond with, and appreciation for, military service.
While this is good news for American and Israeli democracies, and for our shared quest for peace, prosperity, and security in the Middle East, we understand that this news will not sit well with Iran and its proxies in the region and with its sympathizers here who earlier tried to ignite controversy around President Herzog’s visit and his Congressional address.
The American Jewish Congress thanks President Biden for his leadership. We look forward to President Herzog’s Joint Congressional Address, and to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington, D.C., soon.”

Jack Rosen, President, American Jewish Congress

Daniel Rosen, Vice Chairman, American Jewish Congress

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