New York, NY, July 17, 2023 – “The American Jewish Congress strongly condemns the latest attempts at undermining President of Israel’s impending Joint Address to U.S. Congress by deliberately poisoning the discourse in America on relations with Israel – and by calls to boycott the address. The dangerous rhetoric demonstrated by the poor choice of words and timing of Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s remarks are emblematic of, and directly feeding into, rising antisemitism in America.
The inflammatory and factually dishonest blanket criticism of Israel as a “racist state” by the head of the Congress’ leading progressive caucus is deeply disturbing. Her remarks align with an apparent wider effort to overshadow the state visit to Washington D.C. by President Isaac Herzog, the leader of a time-tested and major American ally.
Rep. Jayapal’s hostility toward Israel comes at a time when officials of the Western-backed Palestinian Authority are grateful that Israel and its military helped them drive out Palestinian terrorists from a major city recently. Thanks to Israeli soldiers who risked their lives, Palestinian schools, mosques, and offices of international organizations in the city of Jenin in the West Bank are free from dangerous weapons, and Palestinian law enforcement’s control is restored after eleven years. These and other efforts by Israel to secure the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis belie the organized hate campaigns that target Israel and the Jewish people.
Israel is not a racist state. The American Jewish Congress commends the Government and the people of Israel for building a strong, multiracial democracy while making progress in dealing with complicated race issues, like we did in America. We urge Members of Congress to respond to anti-Israel hate campaigns by making the Joint Congressional Address by Israel’s President Herzog a resounding celebration of the core values that bring America and Israel together
Jack Rosen
American Jewish Congress

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