[New York, NY – February 1st, 2022] The American Jewish Congress strongly condemns the conclusion of the Amnesty International report that Israel practices “apartheid” and its portrayal of the very existence of the Jewish State as a deprivation of Palestinians’ basic rights. The report’s inflammatory language and positions do not make any contribution to peace or human rights; on the contrary, they hinder them. 

The report, published today, seeks to delegitimize Israel by juxtaposing its existence to the situation of the Palestinians, without acknowledging its own merit to exist as an independent state for the Jewish people. While Amnesty International has in the past done some important work in the field of human rights, it has long held an intrinsic anti-Israel bias.

However, this latest report crosses a line by describing the existence of Israel as illegitimate, something that they do not dare do with any other country in the world. Similarly, the characterization of Israel as “apartheid” is ahistorical, demonizing, and does not reflect the truth. About one-fourth of Israel’s population is Arab, and Israel’s Arab citizens retain full rights and equality. In fact, Israel’s current governmental coalition includes an Arab party.

The timing of Amnesty International’s report is not accidental. The Middle East is at a historical point in time in which the Arab world is fostering closer ties with Israel, with multiple Arab countries fully normalizing their relationships with the State of Israel and with other Arab and Muslim countries considering following suit. Amnesty International’s report is an effort to halt these breakthroughs and ongoing normalization processes. 

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