New York, NY, November 22, 2022 – The American Jewish Congress expresses our heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the people of Indonesia following the tragic loss of life caused by the devastating earthquake on the island of Java.

We at the American Jewish Congress send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy – to the families of the over 260 people that have lost their lives in this deadly natural disaster, and to the hundreds of others that are either injured or missing. The despair and heartache caused by the loss of so many friends, family, and innocent individuals as a result of the earthquake will continue to rain truly for years to come.

In this critical moment, while many residents have been left without shelter and with key infrastructure damaged, the American Jewish Congress expresses its support and encouragement for immediate relief efforts. Moreover, we urge the international community to provide assistance to Indonesia and to those in need, and we remain ready to assist in any possible way.

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