New York, March 30th, 2022 – On March 28th, JD Vance, a Republican Senate candidate from Ohio, promoted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s endorsement and defended her February attendance at a white nationalist conference. In the strongest possible terms, the American Jewish Congress condemns Vance’s defense of Rep. Greene and demands action regarding his egregious behavior.

In late February, Rep. Greene (R-GA-14) attended a far-right white nationalist conference put on by Nick Fuentes. Numerous sources, including the American Jewish Congress, have described Fuentes as “a fringe internet figure who has a long record of praising a coming tidal wave of white identity,” a neo-nazi, and a white supremacist. Following Rep. Greene’s attendance, the American Jewish Congress strongly rebuked her participation and censured Fuentes’ charade. Moreover, Greene received backlash from both Republican leaders in the legislature, who expressed that there was no place for the [Republican] party in this event. Regardless of political belief, Fuentes’ forums mustn’t be tolerated nor be provided any shade of legitimacy, such as the appearance of an elected official. Unfortunately, Greene didn’t appear to heed such a sentiment, and Vance’s defense of Greene is a blatant disregard for this despicable undertaking.

Apparently courting the far-right vote, JD Vance proclaimed that Greene did nothing wrong by attending Funtes’ circus. He furthered his position by explaining, “[Greene] said nothing wrong, and I’m not gonna throw her under the bus or anybody else who’s a friend of mine.” However, this is only one-half of the issue. While simultaneously engaging in Greene’s defense, Vance also failed to condemn the event itself – another major red flag.

Let’s get something straight – defending someone, friend or not, for supporting a neo-fascist, neo-nazi, and white supremacist is barbaric and absurd. Vance’s defense of Rep. Greene’s abhorrent actions directly supports those actors and affords them solace knowing they have advocates in government. Moreover, it is dangerous to see this behavior from a prospective official within our nation’s legislature. This conduct is becoming too frequent for anyone’s comfort – as can be seen by the actions of January 6th. With acts of antisemitism, white supremacy, and domestic terror growing by the day, this menacing magniloquence cannot stand.

The American Jewish Congress is actively engaged in thwarting white supremacy at home and abroad. Moreover, we are working tirelessly to ensure that individuals like Vance and Greene pay the consequences for what they proclaim.

The American Jewish Congress demands JD Vance retract from this indefensible position. Moreover, we urge all candidates, officials, and citizens alike – to speak out against Holocaust denial, antisemitism, neo-Nazism, and white supremacy, as they have no safe harbor in these United States.

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