March 2022 constitutes one of the deadliest months in recent years for Israel. A week of terror, with three separate morally repugnant attacks in Beersheba, Hadera, and Bnei Brak, left 11 people dead, hundreds of thousands of people shocked, and a nation mourning.

This latest wave of terror attacks came just as Israelis and Arabs are starting to reap the fruits of peace. As Israeli citizens of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faith prepare to celebrate their major religious holy days, which this year coincide around the same time, terrorism cannot and will not be allowed to prevail and to threaten the peaceful coexistence of Israel’s diverse society.

Amid these latest appalling attacks, it is important to highlight the outpour of support for Israel and condemnation for the hate that claimed 11 innocent souls. We would like to thank President Biden for emphasizing in his call with Prime Minister Bennett that the United States stands firmly with Israel in the fight against terrorism and other threats. Our hearts are with the Israeli people.

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