The American Jewish Congress praises the leadership of Missouri Governor Mike Parson for signing the vital “Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act” into law yesterday.

This important legislation, which passed on May 14, 2020, with the overwhelming support of both chambers of Missouri’s legislature, aims to prevent misguided efforts from the anti-Israel and antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement which encourages engagement in boycotts that harm Israel.

The law requires companies with 10 or more employees who are looking to enter into business contracts worth more than $100,000 with the State of Missouri to certify that they do not or shall not engage in boycotts of Israel or companies that do business in Israel. The new law specifically targets companies, not individuals, that engage in BDS and will guarantee that taxpayers’ money will not be used to support the antisemitic BDS movement and its ill-intentioned goals.

Missouri is the 32nd state to have adopted a law, executive order, or resolution against BDS. Both Democratic and Republican Governors across the country have supported anti-BDS efforts, underscoring that fighting  BDS transcends politics, and that defending Israel is simply the right thing to do.

The American Jewish Congress has tirelessly worked to expose the harmful and hateful nature of the BDS movement, and the latest law in Missouri is another example of progress in our nation to counter this form of anti-Israel bias. We now call upon the remaining states who have yet to pass anti-BDS legislation to do so, and we urge lawmakers to take active steps to combat discriminatory commercial activity that targets Israel.

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