[New York, NY – July 21st, 2021] Twitter temporarily suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on July 19th for lying to the public about COVID-19 and the vaccines that treat it. Greene’s actions come as no surprise to us, given her propensity to spread misinformation about Jews and the Holocaust. Greene is an unrepentant misinformation machine and should be permanently banned from Twitter.

We do not make this call for Greene’s suspension lightly. However, the experience of how she has repeatedly engaged in Holocaust misinformation demonstrates that she will not reform her behavior. For example, after comparing COVID mask wearing to the forced wearing of the yellow star by Jews during the Holocaust, she was repeatedly rebuked. She claimed to have learned her lesson, yet only days later, returned to this antisemitic behavior by engaging again in abusive lies about Jews and the Holocaust. 

Greene has made a specialty of deliberately spreading misinformation about the Holocaust to help grow her political power, putting the Jewish community’s safety at risk. Likewise, by deliberately misinforming the public about legitimate COVID public safety measures, Greene is seeking to grow her political power at the expense of public health. We explain this dangerous political strategy in our new report, “Jews Are Not A Prop.”

Therefore, just as Greene continues to misinform the public about the Holocaust and Jewish people, she can be counted on to continue to misinform the public about COVID. Her promises to stop spreading misinformation can not be trusted. This behavior is core to her political strategy.

Because Greene will continue to use Twitter to spread misinformation about COVID, just as she does about Jews and the Holocaust, she must be permanently banned from Twitter.

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