New York, NY, August 23, 2023 – The American Jewish Congress commends Mayor Eric Adams for his impressive articulation of the “unbreakable bond,” – in his words – between New York City and Israel during his visit this week to the Jewish state – his first as mayor.

The Mayor has a way of weaving together the stories of these two truly global hotspots of creativity and entrepreneurship like no one else does, from proudly declaring that, “Our city is home to the largest Jewish population anywhere outside of Israel,” to highlighting what makes NYC and Israel jointly so powerful: “We are diverse melting pots rooted in common bonds of faith and culture.”

His meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during an intense moment in the politics of both Israel and America, demonstrates his unapologetic faith in keeping the special relationship with Israel above transient debates. He put it in simple words after the meeting: “Proud to sit with Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

We admiringly acknowledge mayor Adams’ initiative of appointing the city’s first Jewish Advisory Council and using it to empower members of the Orthodox community, who have often borne the brunt of rising antisemitic hate crimes. Mayor Adams is exploring creative ways to fight hate, is passionate about improving relations between Black and Jewish communities, and – while in Israel – he is looking at the Israeli experiment in absorbing and integrating immigrants while also managing to build a reputable social services network. All of this resonates strongly with New Yorkers and reflects issues close to most Americans.

Mayor Adams is a gracious friend of Israel and the Jewish people (“Israel is my second home”). The American Jewish Congress joins New Yorkers in recognizing his efforts and pledges to support his good work.

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