New York, NY, August 14, 2023 – The American Jewish Congress releasesexcerpts from correspondence between its President Jack Rosen and His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan that were made on the occasion of the wedding of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II and Princess Rajwa Al Hussein.
Mr. Rosen and the American Jewish Congress take pride in their work and the long association with partners across the Middle East. We also extend our gratitude to the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Washington, D.C., and to Ambassador Dina Khawar for their help. Moreover, we extend our best wishes to Amb. Yael Lempert, Ambassador of the United States of America to Jordan, who takes charge this week. 
The Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan conveyed His Majesty the King’s “appreciation” to our President Jack Rosen’s “thoughtful message of congratulations” on the occasion.
In their message, Phyllis and Jack Rosen highlighted His Majesty the King and Queen Rania’s leadership role. “Throughout your reign, Your Majesties,” they wrote, “you have exemplified grace, wisdom, and dedication to your country and its people. Your leadership has guided Jordan towards progress, stability, and development, earning admiration and respect from around the world.”
Mr. Rosen underlined the Hashemite Jordanian legacy for peace in the region.
“I cherish our meetings, Your Majesty, along with Prince Faisal Al Hussein in Washington D.C.,” Mr. Rosen wrote to His Majesty the King, adding, “And I extend my congratulations to your esteemed mother, Princess Muna Al Hussein. We at the American Jewish Congress recall the great legacy of Late King Al Hussein in shaping the modern Middle East, and in laying down the foundations for peace and conflict resolution. Peace in the Middle East will forever be in debt to your efforts and those of your late father’s. Indeed, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II carries a great legacy of wisdom, service to the people, and peace for all in the region.”
The American Jewish Congress is committed to working with Jordan and other key U.S. allies in the region for shared peace and prosperity.

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