New York, June 14, 2022 – The American Jewish Congress welcomes President Joe Biden’s announcement of his planned visit to the Middle East. While he has been to the State of Israel many times and in different capacities, this will be President Biden’s first visit to Israel as Commander in Chief. This trip is expected to carry a lot of significance in highlighting the strong bonds between the United States and Israel, and the unwavering alliances, both strategically and ideologically, that our two countries share. Moreover, President Biden’s meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and other Israeli leaders will provide the opportunity to discuss expanded cooperation between the two countries in multiple areas and reaffirm the U.S. commitment to Israel’s security, especially vis-à-vis the threats stemming from Iran.
In addition to the President’s planned trip to Israel during his upcoming visit to the region, the American Jewish Congress also welcomes President Biden’s announced stop in Saudi Arabia. A factor shared in common with the Jewish State, Saudi Arabia has seen firsthand the destabilizing impact of Iran’s malignant activities and is an essential stakeholder in shaping a united front against Tehran. Engagement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is needed and timely, especially since the country remains a potential Abraham Accords partner for the United States and Israel. The Abraham Accords, which have brought about the rapprochement of Israel with several Arab and Muslim states, have changed the geopolitical landscape in the region and opened the path for a new and evolving Middle East. Nevertheless, this new diplomatic era needs to be further consolidated with Saudi Arabia.
We look forward to a successful visit from President Biden to the Middle East and the confirmation of the United States’ continued and vital engagement in the region.

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