[New York, NY – December 16th, 2021] The American Jewish Congress is dismayed by the decision of the Supreme Court to refrain from blocking Texas’ anti-abortion law. By allowing for private citizens or states to contest federal law in such a blatant manner, the Supreme Court is paving the way for the infringement of the constitutional right to an abortion and a woman’s ability to exercise it.

If the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision to insulate a state law from the protections guaranteed by federal law is final, then this same legal principle must be leveraged to address other, truly pressing issues. Therefore, we applaud Gov. Newsom’s announcement that he will push for a Texas-modeled law in California against assault weapons. 

While the decision of the Supreme Court is outrageous, Governor Newsom is leading the way by showing how to use the power of this precedent to increase the safety of our nation’s communities. Under these circumstances, Governor Newsom is prudently demonstrating that all accessible tools, legal provisions, and new precedents must be used to crack down on the manufacture and distribution of assault weapons, as these weapons of war pose an extreme danger to the wellbeing and safety of the public. 

As American Jews, we have seen how the proliferation of assault weapons has contributed to mass attacks against American Jews and other vulnerable communities. The American Jewish Congress therefore urges other state leaders to follow Governor Newsom’s lead.

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