New York, NY, May 11, 2023 – The American Jewish Congress has taken note of the developing situation in Pakistan following the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan and reports of violence and vandalism at government offices and private properties.

Pakistan is a longstanding partner of the American Jewish Congress in our efforts for peace and coexistence in the Middle East. We echo the call by the U.N. Secretary General and other world leaders for all parties in Pakistan to resolve issues through dialogue and respect for the rule of law and avoid violence at all costs.

Civilian leaders and military institutions of Pakistan have been historic partners of the United States. A strong and stable Pakistan is essential for the country’s friends and partners.

Jack Rosen, president of American Jewish Congress, is one of the earliest American voices that publicly backed the restoration of U.S. support for Pakistan after a new government was elected in 2018, and again for the peaceful resolution to conflict in Kashmir in 2019.

The American Jewish Congress and Jack Rosen have in the past closely worked with Pakistan on a new vision for the Middle East. It culminated in the landmark first meeting between foreign ministers of Israel and Pakistan in Turkey; the address by then president of Pakistan to the American Jewish Congress in New York, and the lifting of Israeli import license for trade with Pakistan; all of this achieved within one month, in September 2005.

The American Jewish Congress looks forward to working again with partners in Pakistan to build on what we have achieved and to expand a vision for prosperity and economic integration in the Middle East.

(Photo credit: K.M. Chaudary / AP)

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