New York, NY, July 18, 2022 – July 18th marks a solemn reminder for many in the global Jewish community, and throughout the world. On this day, 28 years ago, Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist proxy, carried out a devastating attack against the AMIA, a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. This attack left 85 killed, hundreds of people injured, and countless lives affected in its wake. In the years, since, the American Jewish Congress has and will continue to work with Argentinian leaders to make sure that full justice is delivered, and we convey our deepest sympathies to all affected by this despicable act of terror.

In observation of the 28th anniversary of the AMIA bombing, Jack Rosen, President of the American Jewish Congress, issued the following statement:

In the 28 years that have passed since the devastating bombing of the AMIA in Argentina, we continue to feel the pain of this unthinkable tragedy, as if it were yesterday. Time does not heal a wound of this magnitude, and the despicable culprits of this heinous crime, Hezbollah, continue to wreak havoc today. On this day in 1994, 85 souls were lost. Some were Jewish, and some were not. Some were observant in their practices – and others may not have been at all. Regardless of their backgrounds, the common denominator – is that all were citizens of this earth, each with their own hopes and dreams. Regretfully, the Iranian War Machine and its terrorist proxies have never considered humanity in their equations for war and destruction, and that behavior has only intensified since this horrific day in 1994.

On this anniversary, we remember all of those we lost, taken from the world far too soon. Moreover, The American Jewish Congress remains committed, in the strongest possible terms, to ensuring that the US Government does all in its power to thwart this pattern of Iranian destruction. Furthermore, leaders around the world must continue and strengthen their efforts to protect the interests of the Jewish Community,  and we must all work together to ensure that a horrific tragedy like the AMIA bombing, is never again repeated.”

To this day, attacks from Iran and its proxies endanger the lives of millions across the globe, affecting US national security, Israel, and countless allies in the fight against terror. The AMIA bombing is a solemn reminder that all entities, organizations, and governments alike, must continue to fight tooth and nail to defeat this tyrannical terrorist regime. From Hezbollah in Lebanon to Houthis in Yemen, and even stretching into South America and beyond – the reach Iran poses must never be underestimated. More importantly, we must unite to stop these brutal acts of terror before they happen, and hold this unstable and tyrannical regime, accountable.

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