The American Jewish Congress has been following with great concern recent reports that the regime in Tehran has stepped up the persecution of the Iranian Baha’i religious minority. 

In response to these developments, Dr. Munr Kazmir, Vice President of the American Jewish Congress, stated: “A notorious suppressor of the freedoms of its own people, the Iranian regime is ferociously violating once again human rights and religious freedom. According to multiple accounts, authorities have been arresting and sentencing, without any due process, members of the community, including religious leaders. Moreover, they are forcefully closing Baha’i owned businesses and demolishing their homes. While the followers of the Baha’i faith have been long subjected to oppression and scapegoating in Iran, the birthplace of the religion, this latest crackdown shows that Iran is elevating its state-sponsored persecution of religious minorities.”

The American Jewish Congress calls on the international community to stand up in defense of religious freedom. Iran must be held accountable for its continued violation of international human rights law, including through directly sanctioning those responsible for these horrible violations.

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