New York, NY, October 11, 2022 – Earlier this morning, leaders from both Israel and Lebanon announced that they had reached a historical and groundbreaking agreement with one another, settling the years-long disputes over maritime borders which hold major oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. With news of this agreement, the American Jewish Congress rejoices and applauds leaders from both sides, as this movement for peace marks a significant step in ensuring greater stability in the new Middle East. Moreover, and thanks to great care from the Biden Administration, specifically Senior Energy Advisor Amos Hochstein, the hope of international amity and goodwill for the people of Israel and Lebanon is closer to reality than ever before.
As we all know, tensions between Israel and Lebanon have been high for decades. Whether we discuss Israel’s first Lebanon War in 1982, the second in 2006, or the constant barrage of fire and violence stemming from Hezbollah – many factors would garner a reality that makes peace between these two powers, an unlikely reality. However, through persistence and trial, and with the help of U.S. mediation, Israel and Lebanon have been able to agree to mutually beneficial terms, terms that will result in greater economic expansion, resource exploration, and safeguard stability for Israel’s northern border. If ratified by both sides, this deal will also immediately avert threats of conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, marking a vital victory for Israeli and Lebanese citizens.
In addition to the positive security implications this deal brings, showcasing itself as an important milestone in the fight for peace – let us not disregard the surrounding significance it holds for those far beyond the region, as well. With this agreement, and in the midst of the current energy crisis we face, more affordable and cleaner energy solutions are within reach, at a time where they are critically necessary.
For over a century, the American Jewish Congress has fought to serve as a principal voice for Jewish Communities. Today, voices for progress, in Jewish Communities and beyond, can recognize that we are one step closer to peace and prosperity for Israel, its neighbors, and the world as a whole. 
The American Jewish Congress welcomes this phenomenal news. 

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