New York, NY, October 21, 2022 – Earlier today, Balenciaga, one of the world’s most recognized, established, and renowned fashion houses, made the decision to cut ties with former brand Ambassador, Kanye West, due to his slew of antisemitic rhetoric. In response to Balenciaga’s action, the American Jewish Congress praises the fashion giant for its leadership and combatting of antisemitism, and we call on other, like-minded brands affiliated with West, in particular Adidas, to do the same.
Over the last few weeks, West has barraged both the internet and broadcast television with countless antisemitic tropes. West has doubled down on his abhorrent endorsement of antisemitic tropes about Jewish greed and power, and he has openly embraced white supremacist talking points and slogans. Moreover, this week it was announced West has agreed in principle to buy Parler, an unmoderated social media platform that has attracted antisemites, conspiracy theorists, and other extremists. The combination of a far-right, extremist platform with West’s contorted views targeting Jews is a toxic mix. Moreover, it is poised to fuel the proliferation of antisemitic rhetoric and concrete threats for the Jewish people, and it must be condemned. 
That is why it is critical now to show that West’s views and rhetoric will not be tolerated. Just last week, West proudly stated in an interview that he could continue spouting antisemitism and face no consequences in his business relationship with Adidas, the sportswear brand with whom Kanye West has a multi-million-dollar deal and product line. It is time for Adidas to prove him wrong. The lack of consequences for West’s rhetoric would expose a total disregard for the corporate responsibility to support inclusion and to reject hate. We will not stand for it.

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