As Jews across the United Kingdom prepare for the upcoming festival of Passover, which starts on the evening of April 8, Chabad-Lubavitch of the UK has partnered with popular food-delivery app Deliveroo to ensure that every Jew across the United Kingdom and Ireland can conduct a seder.

“Seder-to-Go” kits are of particular benefit to the vulnerable and isolated, who are unable to shop for kosher-for-Passover food for the seder and the holiday week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some 51,608 Britons have tested positive for the virus, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened on Monday.

Using the app, Deliveroo customers will now be able to purchase a “Seder-to-Go” kit, complete with a roll-up seder plate, items for the seder plate and even a plastic frog to serve as a whimsical visual during the recital of the 10 plagues. Other items include a box of matzah, grape juice, wine, a Kiddush cup and a Haggadah with English translation and instructions.

The partnership stemmed from executive vice president at Deliveroo, Stephen Goldstein, and his search for matzah and wine before the holiday. Reaching out to Rabbi Bentzi Sudak of Chabad Lubavitch UK, the two quickly realized that together, they could help Jews across the country celebrate in the safety of their homes.

“Many Jews celebrate Passover with the extended families or in hotels or local synagogues,” said Sudak. “Since the beginning of the outbreak, we’ve been working on getting the supplies everyone needs for the holiday.”

Seizing on Deliveroo’s logistical prowess and Chabad’s mission to help every Jew, Goldstein suggested that they partner so that “every Jewish person is able to celebrate the festival of our freedom in these uniquely challenging times.”

“It is a privilege to support Chabad Lubavitch UK and to use our delivery network to bring the joy of Pesach to people across the U.K. and Ireland,” he said. “We are honored to support the Jewish community and play a small role in helping people, especially the elderly and vulnerable.”

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