Momentum, previously known as the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, launched “Care With a Prayer,” a global campaign to pray for health-care workers fighting the coronavirus.

Anyone can visit this website to request the name of a doctor, nurse, aide or other health-care professional—or submit their own name—to have someone pray for them.

Once a name has been requested, recipients receive an email with the worker’s name and profession, along with the suggested universal prayer.

This prayer was created by Momentum’s Israel Public Council, a group of women from across Israeli society with the aim of fostering unity in Israel and the world.

The text of the suggested prayer is below:

Dear God, Creator of heaven and earth, we ask you from the depths of our hearts and souls to please protect those on the front lines of this war—all of the courageous doctors, nurses, hospital workers and first responders. Their selfless efforts inspire us to call out to You. I ask you to please protect ________________, who has a special place in my prayers. And when this time passes, may we emerge as better people committed to making a better world. May it be soon.

“While the majority of the population is sheltering at home, our courageous doctors, nurses, first-responders, social workers and other medical staff are on the front lines battling to save the lives of patients infected by the coronavirus,” said Momentum founding director Lori Palatnik. “Every day when they go to work, they are risking their lives to provide care for us. This campaign is not only a way of showing our care for them, but is built to help inspire action and awaken our souls to the transformative power of prayer.”

Dr. Louis M. Profeta, an emergency physician practicing in Indianapolis and a member of the Indianapolis Forensic Services Board, said the coronavirus pandemic has “demanded the ultimate sacrifice from the global health-care community and has required that we put ourselves directly in harm’s way, every day.”

“Over the last several weeks of treating COVID-19 patients, I have thought about the power of prayer, and wondered who is praying for me and my colleagues around the world,” he acknowledged. “This campaign was created to answer that call, and to inspire people around the world to experience and participate in prayer.”

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