On April 6, we released a groundbreaking “90 Days of White Supremacist Radicalization report, which shined a bright spotlight on the evolving threats that white supremacists pose to our democracy, values, and institutions.

It’s clear that we’ve sharply identified a new disturbing trend that threatens to hijack mainstream American politics. And the white supremacists are angry.

The findings of the report attracted significant interest from deeply concerned members of the Jewish community and the media, and generated tens of thousands of website visitsover 1,000 downloads and over 545,000 impressions on social media.

The American Jewish Congress saw a rise in online traffic of over 640% after publishing research into the new white supremacist politics

At the same time, online white supremacist activity against the American Jewish Congress increased: direct attacks from the founder of the social media platform Gab, a coordinated wave of over 80 hate emails, countless antisemitic messages on social media from white supremacists, outright threats against the organization and the Jewish community, proved not only the validity of the report’s findings, but also how its publication touched a nerve.

Timeline & Reactions to American Jewish Congress’s Report

April 6: American Jewish Congress released the report “90 days of white supremacist radicalization: extremism’s evolution in a post-January 6th America.”

April 7
: American Jewish Congress published press release on Greene’s fundraising haul; Gab founder Andrew Torba shared our press release and attacked the American Jewish Congress.

April 8: American Jewish Congress responded to Andrew Torba’s attacks and released statement on the validity and importance of the report’s findings ; Torba responded to our statement with a further attack in a Gab post.

April 9: Gab’s Torba published a blog post making false assertations about the American Jewish Congress.

April 6 – April 10: Multiple white supremacist sites wrote critically about our report and cheered Torba’s attacks, including the far-right National File, alt-right news and opinion blog Big League Politics, the far-right site The Daily US News, the white nationalist linked site VDare, and other fringe outlets

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