New York, NY, June 6, 2023 – Earlier this afternoon, the American Jewish Congress leadership, including President Jack Rosen, Vice President Munr Kazmir, and Vice Chairman Daniel Rosen, hosted a Jewish Community Conversation with City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. The American Jewish Congress welcomed the opportunity to host the Mayor during what is no doubt a critical period facing the Jewish Community and all Americans alike. Among other major announcements, the Mayor confirmed his strong consideration for a 2024 Presidential Run.
In a substantive dialogue, Mayor Suarez walked through what issues continue to pose the greatest challenges, strengths, and opportunities for advancement impacting Miami residents and how these topics are significant to local Jewish Communities. As Jews, issues of safety, opportunity, and equality impact us deeply. With that said the American Jewish Congress is comforted knowing that there are leaders like Mayor Suarez at the helm of such a major city like Miami, who have the interests of the Jewish Community and the betterment of all Americans at the top of their priorities. 
Under the Mayor’s leadership, and in the midst of a federal debt crisis no less, Miami has maintained a positive economic surplus, has hired the most police officers in the city’s history, and fostered more innovation than many US municipalities combined. In addition, and most certainly contributing to that fact, the City of Miami has purchased $1 Million worth of Israeli Bonds, further stimulating both the Israeli economy, in conjunction with Miami’s.  
Transitioning to the issues, the Mayor discussed his proclamation of ensuring the city of Miami works to become the “Capital of Capital,” furthering the flow of prosperity in a rapidly evolving economic landscape. In a new era of digitalization, the City of Miami looks to Israel for collaboration and advancement in facets of both workflow and cybersecurity; undoubtedly setting a positive trend for other local governments to follow. On safety, the Mayorrecommitted his administration’s commitment to safeguarding Jewish institutions, discussing the providence of City resources, like police protection, to schools and synagogues at no cost to them. With antisemitism rising at alarming rates, resources like these mark a vital comfort to Jewish students, parents, and Shul-goers, knowing that in the face of danger, the City of Miami is working tirelessly to keep them safe. The Mayor furthered this point by discussing his experience in maintaining law and order, including collaboration with the public school system, in efforts to hold offenders of violent crimes and those who plan to do our communities harm accountable. 
Finally, prior to diving into a detailed question and answer session, the Mayorhighlighted the City of Miami’s position as the “Happiest City in America.” With facts like this, it is easy to see how the City of Miami has grown into the domestic powerhouse the world knows it to be. 
In totality, this conversation between the American Jewish Congress and the Miami Mayor provided an invaluable platform to showcase leadership and discuss the issues that impact the Jewish community. The American Jewish Congress extends our profound thanks to the Mayor for his superb leadership, his commitment to safeguarding our Jewish way of life, promoting the safety and advancement of the Jewish State of Israel, and setting a remarkable inspiration on these issues, for others to follow. 
The American Jewish Congress looks forward to continuing to work with the Mayor and thanks him for his time and participation in today’s event. 
Today’s Jewish Community Conversation with Mayor Suarez can be accessed HERE or below.

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