New York, NY, October 28, 2022 – In light of the attack at the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the hospitalization of her husband, Paul Pelosi, after a confrontation with the intruder, American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen released the following statement:

We wish a full and speedy recovery to Paul Pelosi – the violent assault at his and Speaker Pelosi’s home is appalling. This should be a day of reckoning for everyone. Added to what we have seen recently, – from unfettered hate speech propagated on social media platforms, to the elevated platform of far-right politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene, to Kanye West’s spewing of antisemitism and disturbing conspiracy theories – this attack pinpoints to a deeply unsettling moment for our society. 

Importantly, it should ring some alarm bells for everyone, especially for Elon Musk, who has been toying with the idea of transforming Twitter into an unmoderated platform following its takeover. Social media platforms have the responsibility to not allow the proliferation of hate and must rein in the hatemongers and extremists. Otherwise, violent attacks will increase and the problem will only grow bigger.

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