New York, NY, June 24, 2022 – Earlier this morning, a woman’s ability to decide on matters of her body came under fire; solidified by a court in which only a third of its Justices would have the consequences of this action apply. While some may refer to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the matter of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization as a healthcare or access issue, which it most certainly is, this action simultaneously represents matters that fester far beyond those points. For over 50 years, constitutional protections afforded by Roe v. Wade have provided a harbor for women to exercise safe access to abortion. Regrettably, that harbor is no more – and the court’s ruling will undoubtedly lead to the criminalization of women who seek an abortion, the healthcare providers who bravely care for these patients, and lead to an increase in dangerous measures by women in underserved and at-risk communities.

Today, the Court’s decision dictates that there is no longer a constitutional safeguard in a woman’s ability to access or subsequently receive an abortion. While we respect the court’s constitutional authority to interpret the law as they see fit, the American Jewish Congress firmly disagrees that this decision represents the best course for the country. In addition, we join in the outrage of the majority of the American public – who believe that a woman’s access to abortion should be protected. Furthermore, the court’s ruling will undoubtedly garner significant consequences for those who choose to exercise their once protected reproductive rights and negatively impact women throughout the country and across all walks of life.

On a national level, this decision is the product of dangerous political influence and sets a destructive precedent for the court to follow in the future. For Justices to hinder how a woman exercises their right to choose as it relates to her body is unacceptable, and from a Jewish perspective, the prohibition of abortion access defies Jewish principles. Regardless of today’s action by the court, let it be known that the American Jewish Congress will forever stand with the side of Liberty and Justice for all. As an organization, we will continue to defend the rights of women and their reproductive freedoms, and we urge the legislative branch to do what now must be done.

Congress must take action to codify Roe v. Wade and safeguard women’s reproductive prerogatives – set aside political discourse and senseless red tape, and fight to defend the freedoms that we as Americans hold most dear. 

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