New York, NY, March 28, 2023 – In response to yet another deadly attack on our nation’s soil, the American Jewish Congress is heartbroken by the tragedy at the Nashville Covenant School, leaving at least three children and three adults dead in its wake.

The Jewish Community mourns this unacceptable loss of life and stands firmly with the families and loved ones who are now forced to grieve. Without question, schools should mark a safe ground that both educates and inspires, but sadly, this event serves as a complete contradiction. According to EdWeek There have been 13 school shootings this year that resulted in injuries or deaths. There have been 156 such shootings since 2018. There were 51 school shootings with injuries or deaths last year, the most in a single year since Education Week began tracking such incidents in 2018. There were 35 in 2021, 10 in 2020, and 24 each in 2019 and 2018. 

These statistics shake us to our core – and can be described in one word: despicable.

To echo the sentiments we have laid out in the past, we urge our leaders in Congress and in State Governments throughout the nation – to ensure that the necessary resources are afforded to our schools and that these acts of tragedy happen no more. Our schools must be adequately equipped to safeguard our students. Similarly, we must also ensure that law enforcement has the tools and reach to prevent these heinous crimes, which is critical.

As this situation continues to develop, we keep those who are forever impacted by today, knowing that their loved one was taken too soon, in our prayers. In addition, we thank the brave men and women of Nashville’s law enforcement apparatus for their swift and decisive actions to neutralize the suspect before any more damage could be done, undoubtedly saving countless lives in the process. While we remain unsure of the perpetrator’s motives – we do recognize the rise in extremist activity and the excessive permeation of heinous ideologies, especially online. With this said, we urge those tasked with uncovering the questions of today to take a hard look at these mediums. The American Jewish Congress remains ready to assist in those efforts however possible, in our desire to craft a brighter and safer tomorrow for all students and faculty, regardless of faith.

May the memories of those lost forever be a blessing.

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