[New York, NY – October 21st, 2021] The American Jewish Congress condemns today’s statement made by the national Sunrise Movement. While the statement acknowledges that antisemitism is discrimination, it does the bare minimum to distance itself from the antisemitic and exclusionary remarks made by its Washington, DC chapter.

Let’s be clear: When Jewish organizations are deliberately targeted, singled out, and potentially exiled because of their support for Israel, and such attacks are not vocally condemned, antisemitic rhetoric is allowed to flourish. This is the dangerous situation that the national Sunrise Movement has created.

We therefore call on the national Sunrise Movement to make it clear that it condemns antisemitism and the singling out of Jewish organizations. In a flourishing democracy, this is a goal for which all American citizens strive.

For Background: The Sunrise Movement’s DC Chapter announced this week that it would boycott the Freedom to Vote Rally, singling out the participation of three Jewish pro-Israel organizations as the reason for not participating. This position was not only deeply problematic, anti-democratic, and antisemitic, but was also antithetical to the democratic values for which the rally stands. That is why we immediately called it out yesterday in a public statement

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