[New York, NY – January 20th, 2022] The American Jewish Congress applauds today’s reaffirmation by the United Nations General assembly of its commitment to reject Holocaust denial and distortion.

The resolution condemning the scourge of Holocaust denial, which was introduced by Israel and Germany, with the support of more than 110 states as co-sponsors, was unanimously approved by the General Assembly. This is an important step in honoring the memory of the Holocaust, but also in guaranteeing that the lessons of the Holocaust will guide us and help to prevent the repetition of such terrible atrocities. We would like to especially congratulate Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan, who spearheaded this initiative.

The timing of the resolution is particularly important. On this day 80 years ago, Nazi leaders met at the Wannsee Conference to discuss the logistics of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question,” the largest industrial mass murder in history. At a time of rising global antisemitism and Holocaust denial, today’s action at the UNGA sends an important message.

We look forward to seeing the principles of the resolution upheld by all leaders and countries – and if that does not happen, we hope to see swift international condemnation based on today’s commitment. We look forward to seeing progress in Holocaust education, to not only learn our past history but also to help combat all forms of online and offline antisemitism.

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