The American Jewish Congress warmly congratulates the State of Israel, America’s closest ally in the Middle East, for establishing a new unity government. 

Israel has once again proven that it is a remarkably strong and vibrant democracy, even more so when considering that the governing coalition will for the first time include a political party from Israel’s Arab population. This is not only a celebration of democracy, but also the clearest refutation to all the disgraceful accusations that Israel is an “apartheid” state. 

Jack Rosen, President of American Jewish Congress, congratulated the new government: 

“I congratulate incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett upon the government’s confirmation by the Knesset and wish him success in the work ahead. And I congratulate Minister Yair Lapid for successfully organizing a governing coalition that both reflects and represents all of Israeli society. In a turbulent region like the Middle East, Israel’s type of stable, broad-based democracy provides the type of ally on which the United States can depend.

We also want to thank outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his long-time service and leadership. Mr. Netanyahu has greatly contributed to Israel’s progress, especially in strengthening the country’s security, transforming it into an economic powerhouse, and advancing its standing in the international arena. Under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s watch, Israel underwent an extraordinary rapprochement with the Arab world, as attested to by the historic normalization agreements achieved with several Arab countries. We wish him well.

We look forward to engaging with the new Israeli government to help take American-Israeli relations to new heights, to addressing critical regional challenges together, and to achieving sustainable peace and prosperity for all.”

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