The American Jewish Congress applauds Argentina for adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

With an alarming global spike in antisemitism, the decision of the Argentinian authorities to use IHRA’s definition of antisemitism is a crucial step that will contribute to actively combating domestic antisemitism in all its forms. The only Latin American member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Argentina serves once again as an example to be emulated in the region for its commitment to combating antisemitic hate. 

The resolution announced by Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on all branches of government to use IHRA’s definition:

“To contribute to the fight of the Argentine Republic against antisemitism in all its forms, collaborate in the construction of a culture of prevention of hostility and violence to which prejudice and intolerance lead, promote education for plurality and reinforce the task of guaranteeing the fulfillment of the objective of education, memory and investigation of the Holocaust and its lessons for us and future generations.”

We thank Argentinian President Alberto Fernández and Foreign Minister Felipe Solá for their leadership on this issue, and we urge other countries to follow Argentina’s step and adopt IHRA’s definition of antisemitism.

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