Israel accused Hezbollah on Saturday of “provocative” activity along its border with Lebanon and announced that it was filling a complaint with the U.N. Security Council.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a statement that Hezbollah made multiple attempts to breach the border on Friday night, and that Israel expects the Lebanese government to prevent such threats, according to the AP.

Israel Defense Forces fired flares along the Israel-Lebanon border on Friday night after signs of a possible border breach, according to the IDF, and damage to the border security fence was found in three locations. The military said that while the border had not been infiltrated, the IDF viewed this as a “severe” event.

The IDF tweeted: “We can confirm that no infiltration from Lebanon into Israel occurred. This is a severe event. We hold the Lebanese government responsible for actions from its territory.”

Last week, the AP reported that an Israeli drone fired two missiles at a vehicle near the Syria-Lebanon border carrying a pair of Hezbollah members. Neither of the Hezbollah members was wounded in the attack, according to the report, which cited a Hezbollah official.

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