Jack Rosen, President, and Dr. Munr Kazmir, Vice-President, of the Board of Directors of the American Jewish Congress, today released the following statement of support for the nomination of Dilawar Syed to be the next Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA):

“The American Jewish Congress strongly supports the confirmation of Dilawar Syed to be the next Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration. Mr. Syed is an American success story, having immigrated to the United States from Pakistan, ultimately becoming a highly respected and successful businessman. His expertise in the private sector is beyond question and American businesspeople should feel confident that he will be a strong leader on their behalf.  

As American Jews, we understand what it’s like to be a new immigrant from a religious minority community. One of us was born in Germany in a displaced persons camp for Holocaust survivors; the other was born in Pakistan. Both of us are now proud American Jews, benefitting from the greatness of our adopted homeland. The struggles for new immigrants from religious minority communities are real and the work to advance is often twice as hard for pioneers like Mr. Syed. We congratulate Mr. Syed on his success, and want to recognize that, if he is confirmed, he will become the highest ranking American Muslim in the Biden Administration, an achievement to be celebrated by all Americans.

We at the American Jewish Congress therefore applaud President Biden for making this appointment and urge the Senate’s Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship approval of Mr. Syed’s nomination on Tuesday July 13. We hope that the full Senate will then swiftly confirm him soon thereafter.”

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