New York, NY, December 20, 2022 – The American Jewish Congress congratulates U.S. President Biden and all the participating African leaders for last week’s successful U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. 

The 3-day summit provided an important platform to jointly assess, discuss, and strategize on how to increase coordination and cooperation between the United States and Africa, especially as pertains to key shared interests such as fostering new economic opportunities, promoting food and health security, addressing the impact of climate change, advancing peace, and many others.
We share and appreciate in particular President Biden’s recognition that Africa is a key geopolitical player and that U.S. collaboration with African leaders and businesses is categorical to defining a better future for all, in multiple fields. Unfortunately, in the past, the United States was not always able to fully recognize and leverage the immense potential stemming from closer political cooperation and economic engagement with Africa. That is why this new moment in this critical relationship is critically important, as it is for the United States to tailor its engagement with particular African states, depending on shared needs and interests.
For many years, the American Jewish Congress has worked tirelessly to build bridges between Africa, Israel and the United States. Through our Science Diplomacy Initiative, we were able to take the lead in a variety of ways: building partnerships, educating parties about concrete needs, engagement with top political leaders, sponsorship of programs, and more. In the past we were able to connect America’s and Israel’s high-tech community to countries throughout Africa, in order to share advanced agricultural techniques, health and biomedical knowledge and practice, and information technologies.
The American Jewish Congress sees the current commitment of President Biden and his Administration to furthering the U.S. relationship with African countries as a moment that could unleash new opportunities. We look forward to working to leverage this momentum and to find avenues of partnership so that the American and African people, as well as the broader international community, can all benefit.

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