[New York, NY – October 20th, 2021] The American Jewish Congress strongly condemns the decision of the Sunrise Movement’s DC Chapter to boycott an event supporting democracy in Washington, DC, dangerously arguing that three major American Jewish organizations should not participate because of their support for Israel – an anti-democratic act in and of itself.

This move by the Sunrise Movement, a prominent organization dedicated to combating the dangers of climate change, is a brazen political power move. By making this decision, it is attempting to intimidate the organizers of the Freedom to Vote Rally into banning these Jewish organizations.

This is deeply dangerous, as American Jews have fought for civil rights, civil liberties, the separation of church and state, and multiple other positions that have helped to make America a more just society. American Jews have an equal right to share our voices, just as all Americans do. Silencing our voices, as the Sunrise Movement demands, is the antithesis of democracy.

We call on all organizations that support democracy in the United States to reject this litmus test about who can participate in American political life. We call for inclusion, not exclusion. And we call for democracy in the United States.

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