[New York, NY – August 27th, 2021] Today, after the White House meeting between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, President Jack Rosen of the American Jewish Congress released the following statement:

Today’s excellent meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett reconfirmed the strong bonds of friendship that tie the two countries together. We applaud President Biden for demonstrating once again how much he personally cares about a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, as he hosted Israel’s leader at the White House even amidst the volatile situation in Afghanistan. We are thankful for his unwavering support for Israel’s security as well as for his eagerness to work with the Israeli government in confronting Iran’s belligerence in the Middle East and its nuclear program. We look forward to the U.S. assistance for the replenishment of the Iron Dome, a key aspect of Israel’s security infrastructure.

We applaud Prime Minister Bennett for demonstrating his commitment to the special U.S.-Israel friendship, both in words and deeds. This was an important first visit to the White House for him and he showcased leadership and a clear understanding of the importance of America’s bipartisan support for Israel. This successful meeting was refreshing, and now it is important for both countries to leverage this momentum and work closer together to address shared threats.

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