American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen recently spoke to Jewish Insider regarding his relationship with Vice President Joe Biden and his unchanging support for Israel. Read some select quotes below:

The Biden I know: Jack Rosen, a longtime donor to Democratic candidates who hosted a fundraiser for Biden last year, told JI that given that Biden “hasn’t moved away from his strong position” on Israel, “I don’t think he’s going to be moved by J Street’s endorsement or Sanders’s advisors.” Rosen added, “I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time. It is very hard to alter his position when he has a long history on something. He sticks to it, and I think he will stick to it here as well. He is his own person. I have rarely seen him move away from his positions, unless the situation itself calls for it.” 

Departure from the Obama era: Rosen suggested that a Biden presidency would be different in its tone towards the Israeli government, even though the policy positions would be similar. “Joe Biden has a long standing bond with Israel. I don’t think that alters,” he explained. “Obama, he didn’t have that long history with Israel. He didn’t have enough time to bond with Israel. I don’t think you will see Joe Biden threatening Israel, embarrassing Israel, using a U.N. vote to press Israel. It will be a different tone, and as we learned, tone matters.” 

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