Originally published in the Hill Reporter.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has proven once again that she will continue to disinform the American public in her quest for political power. This is why Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend her for a second time for repeated offenses and disinformation about COVID-19 is, while laudable, clearly not enough. Her actions create a direct threat to public health and safety and she cannot be trusted to stop spreading disinformation in the future.

The Jewish community knows all too well that Rep. Greene will not cease her COVID disinformation campaign. This is because Greene has shown, through her spreading of conspiracy theories and antisemitism, that she will not change her behavior. For instance, after Greene compared COVID-19 mask wearing to the forced wearing of the yellow star by Jews during the Holocaust, she was repeatedly criticized and reproached by the Jewish community and her congressional colleagues, yet she continued to trivialize the Holocaust.

We have explained these dangerous features of her politics in our reports, “Jews Are Not A Prop” and “The New White Supremacist Politics.” In the latter, we identified how Rep. Greene’s embrace of conspiracy theories strengthened her candidacy for Congress and actively helps her to maintain political power today. For Greene, disinforming the public is central to her strategy for gaining political power. She therefore cannot stop disinforming, because if she were to do so, she would turn away from her central political tactic. This is why Greene should not be allowed to return to Twitter.

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