Singling out Israel – home to the largest Jewish community in the world – amid so many questionable regimes in the global arena is fundamentally discriminatory. Advocating for boycotts and hatred against the Jewish State is outright antisemitic.

We did not expect to see a similar tactic of hate in New York. Yet, this is precisely what the New York chapter of the far-left, radical group Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is doing with its call for City Council candidates to pledge boycotting Israel.

We cannot tolerate this affront. We cannot stand idly by and watch antisemites pressure candidates running for office to boycott Israel.

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Background Information

Candidates for a seat on the New York City Council who would like the support of the Democratic Socialists of America are being asked to complete a survey which is blatantly antisemitic. 

  • The first calls on candidates to pledge that if they are elected they will not travel to Israel, a direct boycott call. 
  • The second demands that candidates who do not support the BDS movement explain themselves. 

The BDS movement, supported by the Democratic Socialists of America, overtly seeks to undermine and ultimately destroy Israel. It is a direct assault on Israel’s legitimacy and existence.

Here’s the survey questions they asked:

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