Israel’s outgoing defense minister, Naftali Bannett, said on Monday that Iran is starting to remove its forces from Syria and urged his successor Benny Gantz to keep the pressure on Tehran.

“Iran is significantly reducing the scope of its forces in Syria and even evacuating a number of bases,” said Bennett, according to Reuters. “Though Iran has begun the withdrawal process from Syria, we need to complete the work. It’s in reach,” he added.

Israel has reportedly carried out numerous airstrikes against Iranian interests in Syria targeting military units and arms transfers.

Iran has not publicly acknowledged any withdrawal from Syria, and just this week Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the Americans will be pushed out of Iraq and Syria, according to the transcript of a speech posted on his website.

A senior aide to Iran’s foreign minister said on Saturday that the country would continue working closely with the Syrian President Bashar Assad and Russia to fight against terrorism and find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, according to the report.

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