The American Jewish Congress invites you to a Special Film Screening of “Nobody Wants Us”.

May 8th marks the end of World War II in Europe, while May 9th marks the liberation of the Stutthof concentration camp – the last concentration camp to be liberated by the allies.

To commemorate these historical events and to discuss how this recent history reverberates up to the current days, please join us on Thursday, May 6th at 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST for a special screening of the award-winning PBS film Nobody Wants Us hosted by the American Jewish Congress.

About “Nobody Wants Us” film:

A first-hand account of three teens hoping to make it safely onto American soil after escaping the Nazi invasion in Europe. With the help of Eleanor Roosevelt, community advocates, and a Virginia husband and wife legal team, Steamship Quanza passengers were finally able to disembark in Virginia.Learn more about the film at

Featured Speakers at the event:

Joel Rubin, Executive Director of American Jewish Congress, will highlight the role of Rabbi Stephen Wise, the then-President of the American Jewish Congress, in helping the SS Quanza Holocaust refugees featured in the PBS film.

Laura Seltzer-Duny, the Nobody Wants Us Filmmaker and Impact Producer, will discuss her motivation to make the film and how this little-known story is being used to inspire action.

“Nobody Wants Us” is both timeless and all too timely.

Michael Berenbaum, Project Director, US Holocaust Memorial Museum & Director, Sigi Ziering Institute American Jewish University

Reminds us that anyone can have the misfortune to be a refugee and everyone can make a difference.

Michael Lewis, Sociology Professor, Christopher Newport University

Original illustrations and rarely seen archival footage bring this powerful and timely Holocaust story to life in a new way.

Susan Barocas, Former Director, Washington Jewish Film Festival

This event is hosted by American Jewish Congress and Seltzer Film & Video

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