Takeaways from the Results of the Midterm Elections

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 2:31pm

The American Jewish Congress congratulates the Democratic Party on earning a majority of seats in the US House of Representatives, as well as all candidates who won their respective elections last night, regardless of party affiliation. The American democratic process is a marvel of human progress, and remains an unshakable bedrock for our values even when our politics feel divided.

There were numerous factors that played into the results of the elections. One of these factors of special concern for the Jewish Community was the rise in white nationalism and hate we have witnessed across the country. It played a role in the outcome of this election. To an extent, it was this climate that created the sense of urgency which drove such high voter turnout yesterday - an encouraging result arising from adverse circumstances. In some states, voters resisted problematic candidates with fervor; in others, hateful candidates made it farther than we ever thought possible.

Hate is not a partisan issue; I encourage both parties to recognize that intolerance exists on both sides of the aisle, and not only in the far fringes. Democrats: Be mindful not only to cast blame across the aisle, but also to reflect on the anti-Semitism and prejudice exhibited by a few within your own party. Republicans: I hope this election will encourage you to reaffirm the egalitarian principles at your core, and remember the openness and sense of social justice upon which your party was built.

Part of America’s healing after Pittsburgh and the other terrible hate crimes we have seen must be to stand tall for all minorities across America. Not only is it key to electoral victory, it is also consistent with our national values.


Jack Rosen


American Jewish Congress