Statement on the U.S. decision to cut aid to Central American countries

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 5:05pm

The American Jewish Congress asks President Trump to reconsider his decision to cut aid to the Central American nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

These three countries are important allies and neighbors of the United States. While the existence of crisis and turmoil in Central America is undeniable, cutting aid from these countries will make the situation more difficult for their governments. All three of these countries are on the frontlines of a global battle against drug cartel violence and transnational crime. Without American support, these countries will have a harder time resisting these profound threats which affect us all; this is our fight too.

I recently had the honor of hosting the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, at my home in New York. When we discussed the issues plaguing Central America, President Morales expressed a deep understanding of the region and a strong dedication to working toward solutions that will protect American's interests. I also got to know El Salvador's President-Elect, Nayib Bukele, when he participated in our International Mayors Conference last year. In our discussions, President-Elect Bukele expressed dedication and commitment to solving these crises; given that he will take office in only two months, he and his new leadership should have a proper chance to implement their new policies before the U.S. changes its policies toward El Salvador.

This decision risks sending the message to our allies that we only support them in fair weather. We hope that President Trump will reconsider this decision and see that by supporting America's allies to the south, we are investing in regional security and a stronger future for our regional neighborhood.


Jack Rosen


American Jewish Congress