Statement on Ambassador Nikki Haley's resignation

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 4:22pm

Today, Nikki Haley announced her resignation as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. To say we are sad to see her go would be a great understatement. In addition to being a diplomat and orator of the highest caliber, Nikki Haley is a true friend of Israel.

For decades, the United Nations has had a serious problem with anti-Israel bias, to the point that it substantially lowered the credibility of the institution. The Security Council repeatedly passes dramatic condemnations of Israel while neglecting to speak on the greatest humanitarian crises of the day; UNESCO routinely denies Jewish history despite archaeological evidence; and UNCHR continuously targets Israel, while failing to condemn regimes with some of the worst track records on human rights. Those are just a few examples of a systemic problem. From day one, Ambassador Haley vowed to stop tolerating this absurd and discriminatory behavior, and she lived up to her promise. Over and over, she called out UN member states and bodies on their hypocrisy and bias. She insisted that Israel be treated just like any other country, and the Jewish people like any other people. And she advocated for and defended the U.S. government's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Yet as significant as Ambassador Haley's defense of Israel was, no less was her understanding of why. She understood that the UN's anti-Israel bias obstructs the UN's noble goals of international peace, cooperation, and understanding; that treating Israel like any other country is necessary for the equal treatment of all countries going forward; that discrimination against the Jewish people is intertwined with other forms of discrimination as well, and to fight one form of hatred is to fight them all. In that sense, Ambassador Haley represented the core values of the American Jewish Congress, which we believe, by extension, are fundamental values of the United States: that our rights and freedoms are only truly safeguarded if they are for everyone.

Thank you, Nikki Haley, for your exemplary service to the United States of America, and for your bold defense of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors, and warmly remind you that you are among friends.