Statement on African-Israel Envoys

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 2:47pm

In response to the opening of relations between several African countries and Israel, the American Jewish Congress issued the followin statement:

“The American Jewish Congress welcomes the appointment today of Talla Fall, of Senegal, and Amara Camara, of Guinea, their respective countries’ first ever ambassadors to Israel. Africa and Israel have a long and proud history of shared economic collaboration, with Israeli technology making huge improvements to the lives of ordinary Africans in sectors as diverse as satellites, telecommunications and agriculture. We are especially proud of the work of the AJ Congress in building bridges between Africa and Israel, with mayors from a number of major African cities attending the 2016 International Mayors Conference in Israel, and our organization leading diplomatic efforts with the heads of States of several African governments in recent years. In addition, the work that we do to improve relations between Israel and Africa is also manifest in our science diplomacy program, run jointly with the Council for World Jewry. This program offers technology to countries in Africa to encourage improved relations and dialog with the US and Israel. We hope that today’s developments lead to a wider rapprochement between Israel and other African countries where formal diplomatic ties currently do not exist. The AJ Congress will continue its efforts to harness and develop these diplomatic and economic ties in the years to come”.