Press Release: American Jewish Congress Applauds Florida and California State Legislatures

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 3:30pm

NEW YORK—Following the recent announcements that the Florida state legislature passed an anti-BDS bill and the California state legislature introduced a bill opposing BDS, American Jewish Congress (AJCongress) President Jack Rosen issued the following statement:

“We at the American Jewish Congress are very proud of the state representatives of Florida and California for taking the initiative to pass measures aimed at curtailing the BDS movement.

"Now more than ever, we must work to counteract the corrosive nature of the BDS movement,  properly educate the American populous on the true aims of BDS, and undermine the toxic form that the movement has taken on college campuses and in academic circles. Each state or institution that adopts anti-BDS legislation aids Israel and Jews worldwide in their mission to stand up against those who seek to delegitimize the Jewish State, which is the true aim of BDS.”