President Trump's Decision To Waive Sanctions On Iran

Friday, January 12, 2018 - 2:34pm

In response President Trump's Decision To Waive Sanctions On Iran, the American Jewish Congress issued the following statement:

The American Jewish Congress welcomes the announcement that the US government will waive sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran in favour of targeted measures which will hold the regime to account over its ballistic missile testing, support for international terrorism and human rights violations.

The previous administration hoped that by signing a deeply flawed agreement and waiving crippling economic sanctions, it could bring Iran in from the cold and bring stability to the wider region. This plan has clearly and demonstrably failed, and the Iranian people have once again taken to the streets in wide scale protest against their authoritarian rulers.

In taking a nuanced approach to the Iran issue, President Trump has demonstrated a long-term commitment to containing the regime’s nuclear ambitions, while supporting the Iranian reformists who seek a progressive future for Iran. In taking a leading role in this process, America now has the opportunity to unite the international community in building a lasting legacy of stability in the Middle East. Having said that, Iran has already shown itself to be a bad actor in the process"