Palestinian president says no role for U.S. in peace process

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 9:33am

In response to Mahmoud Abbas saying no role for U.S. in peace process, the American Jewish Congress issued the following statement:

The American Jewish Congress is dismayed by Palestinian President’s unfortunate call on Arab leaders to disengage from US-led peace efforts in response to last week’s recognition of Jerusalem by the US administration. By breaking with the status quo and isolating the US, the Palestinians risk torpedoing the peace process.

If the international community is to assist in finding a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestinian issue, the US must be involved. We were nevertheless encouraged that members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation opted against backing Abbas’s divisive calls, which risked fanning further violence in the region, legitimizing extremists’ recourse to diplomatic and militant terrorism.

The American Jewish Congress reiterates its support of increased engagement between Israel and Sunni Arab states, which makes the prospects of achieving a lasting negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians an ever more realistic outcome. The American Jewish congress calls on the leaders in the region to work, together with the US, for a broad-ranging regional agreement with Israel, Sunni states and the Palestinians based on shared interests and economic cooperation.