Our Meeting with Egypt's Ambassador to the UN

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 12:00pm

A group led by our President Jack Rosen had a meeting with the Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN, Ambassador Mohamed Fathi Ahmed Edrees, and his Counselor, Mr. Tarek Tayel.

The group comprised Board Members and members of the executive team of the American Jewish Congress, as well as representatives of other Jewish organizations like the Lawfare Project, Students Supporting Israel, and Israeli-American professionals.

We discussed many issues, including the recent vote on the UN resolution to condemn Hamas and Egypt's crucial role in the Middle East. Furthermore, we talked about some other resolutions of the international body that concern Israel, the prospects for a peace deal, and the cooperation between Israel and Egypt.

Different opinions and perspectives were presented and discussed, and both Ambassador Mohamed Fathi Ahmed Edrees and President Jack Rosen reiterated their firm belief that the path toward sustainable peace is through dialogue and mutual understanding.

We thank Ambassador Mohamed Fathi Ahmed Edrees for his hospitality and look forward to future discussions and collaborations.