Once Again, the UN has Failed to Condemn Hamas

Friday, December 7, 2018 - 2:00pm

Yesterday, the United Nations came closer than ever before to finally condemning the terrorist group Hamas. In other words, it failed. For the first time, a majority in the UN voted to condemn Hamas - yet it was not the necessary two-thirds.

This failure to condemn Hamas is so illogical, so backward, it is nearly farcical. Hamas is an organization that proudly advocates genocide and wears its bigotry as a badge. Children and families in southern Israel live in fear of Hamas rockets striking their homes and their schools. Palestinian and Israeli civilians alike suffer at the hands of Hamas, and the residents of Gaza most of all. This is not a perspective; it is the objective truth.

The United Nations passes more condemnations of Israel than for all other nations combined. Yet over the decades, it has never once condemned a group that flaunts its cruelty. Yesterday the international community decided it could not unite against the killing of innocents if some of those innocents are Israelis. The UN has become an arena for political posturing, where morals and values are set aside in favor of pride and self-righteousness.

I will remain cautiously optimistic. That the condemnation received majority support is significant, and I hope it is a sign that members of the international community are coming to their senses, one by one. Some of that credit is certainly owed to Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has fought valiantly for the UN to return to reason. I hope the day comes soon when all of us can come together to say that the slaughter of innocents is wrong. But until then, we have little to celebrate.


Jack Rosen


American Jewish Congress