Wednesday, December 28, 2016 - 6:44pm

American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen released the following statement in response to Sec. Kerry’s Vision on resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict and Prime Minister Netanyahu's response:

“Secretary Kerry’s vision for peace, must be examined in the context of what he has achieved in office. His policy decisions in the Middle East: ISIS, Iran and Russia’s takeover of Syria have all been at the least questionable and at the worst wrong. Based on his record, we have no faith in his Middle East policy decisions. Therefore we don't believe that he is right with the polices that he laid out today on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nonetheless, despite the horrific scenes of over 250,000 innocent people massacred, including women and children in Syria, the Obama Administration has used its remaining time to single out Israel.

"UN Security Council resolution 2334 systematically removes Israel’s sovereignty over East Jerusalem, which contains both Judaism’s and Christianity’s’ holy sites. Therefore Sec. Kerry's remarks today, including the condemnation of the UNESCO resolutions over the summer are inconsistence with his support for UNSC 2334, because the operative language of the resolution severs Israel's sovereignty over East Jerusalem."

“The American Jewish Congress supports Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assertion that the conflict has always been rooted in the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize the Jewish State. UNSC 2334 dangerously changes the status quo for a path to peace that has existed for many decades, which radically alters American policy and potentially empowers the Palestinians to never have to negotiate and recognize the Jewish State of Israel.

“Now that the UN has approved, with the acquiescence of the United States, a different path to peace, it will take a shift of policy from President-Elect Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to rebuild the America-Israel relationship. As a result, The American Jewish Congress' position is that the American embassy should be immediately relocated to East Jerusalem, to protect Israel from UNSC 2334.

Having the American embassy and flag planted in East Jerusalem will send a serious statement to the international community and for all those eager to apply UNSC 2334 that Jerusalem shall remain Israel proper. It will be extremely difficult to argue that the American embassy is not in Israel. "We express our gratitude to the incoming administration for committing to the moving the embassy, and all that they are doing to address these issues during the transition period.


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