American Jewish Congress statement to next Israeli leadership

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 5:55pm

American Jewish Congress calls on next Israeli leadership: “Seize this opportunity to further solidify U.S. – Israel relations, strengthen the unbreakable alliance, and once more make Israel a bipartisan issue”

The American Jewish Congress congratulates the State of Israel on electing its 21st Knesset, Israel’s parliament. While the final votes are still being tallied, and the race seems too close to call, it is clear that the real winners are the millions of Israeli citizens who carried out their democratic duty today.

Today’s events prove once more that U.S. support for Israel is based on shared values of democracy and freedom, reinforcing the idea that America’s support for the only democracy in the Middle East should remain steadfast. 

As the process of counting votes continues across the country, exit polls indicate a close race between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz on who will be tasked with assembling Israel’s coalition government and become Israel's next Prime Minister. Both PM Netanyahu and General Gantz have dedicated their respective careers to exemplary service to the State of Israel, and we look forward to working with either of them. It will be exciting to see how the political process will play out and who President Reuven Rivlin will designate to assemble the next government.

Jack Rosen, President of the American Jewish Congress: “Regardless of the identity of Israel’s next Prime Minister, we call on Israel’s next leader and government to seize this opportunity to further solidify U.S.-Israel relations, strengthen their unbreakable alliance, and once more make Israel a bipartisan issue, which enjoys support from both Republicans and Democrats, as it has been for decades.”

For 71 years, the State of Israel has acted as a beacon of democratic values in a tumultuous part of the world dominated by autocracies. In spite of the significant obstacles Israel faces at home and on its borders, in spite of constant threats of violence and destruction from its neighbors, Israel has never wavered from its democratic principles. It is this unbreakable spirit that has sustained the Jewish people for millennia, even though periods of unthinkable darkness. This commitment to freedom and democracy is part of what makes Israel such a source of light to Jews and others around the world, and part of why Israel and the United States are indispensable allies and steadfast friends. Congratulations, Israel! Am Israel Chai!


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